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I shaved my face.. would you?

OK, I know what your thinking and all the questions that follow. Won't your hair grow back thicker? Don't you have to keep up with that all the time? Whats the point? These were definitely my concerns too when I first heard about this procedure.

The official name for this shaving face treatment is called "Dermaplaining". It involves using a small razor or scalpel to remove the peach fuzz and the top layers of dead skin on your face that you couldn't get off simply exfoliating. The results leave you with bright, youthful and smooth looking and feeling skin for about three to four weeks. (keep reading to see the video of how I do this on my self)

I'm lucky to say I really don't have problematic skin. I'm on the dry side, with a break out or two around that time of the month, but its fairly easy to manage.

My first time I ever introduced dermaplaning into my facial routine, I knew I would be forever HOOKED. MY skin never felt smoother and brighter and I didn't even notice when my peach fuzz grew back in the few weeks after that.

I rave about it to all my clients and tell them its necessary for their next big event date. The most common question I get is, "won't it grow back thicker like your leg hairs?" So while I totally get this concern, I explain it this way.. Think about where hair grows from, under your skin in the hair follicle. Just because you remove the hair that's exposed on the top, doesn't mean that the follicle of the hair is going to magically start producing thicker hair and change texture. It will want to grow back, but our bodies are constantly regenerating, so it's completely normal for regrowth, just like the hair on your head. This treatment won't change the texture of your hair or make it grow any faster. I'm walking proof of it.

Not only does dermaplaning your skin regularly leave you with brighter radiant skin, but it also helps your makeup go on smoother and skincare products absorb better. They don't have to fight through the dead layers that were just sitting there. This means you can use less product, which will now last you longer, which means your saving money (see where I'm going with this).

I've been dermaplaning my own face for the last 3 three years,

once a month, always at night

Tools Needed:

Cleanser, Towel, Eyebrow Razor,

Toner & Moisturizer


Step 1: I cleanse my face with a gentile cleanser just to remove makeup, oil build-up and pollution that accumulated from the day. Currently I'm loving Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 as my gentile cleanser.

Step 2: Pat face dry with a towel

**I sit in front of a well lit mirror in order to see everything for step 3**

Step 3: I pull my face up taught, and on a 45 degree angel, I pull the razor down in the direction of the hair growth towards my chin using little small strokes to remove the hair. I repeat on my chin, upper lip and forehead. *Between every section, I clean off the razor on my towel.

Step 4: This step depends on my mood; sometimes I'll wash my face again, other times Ill use a toner on a cotton round and wipe down my face.

Step 5: I apply a generous amount of my moisturizer or face oil and enjoy my new face.

** There are no side effects, after care or anything that needs to be done to maintain this service. If I plan to go in the sun a few days after doing this, I'll use a higher SPF to protect my skin or wear a hat. Now that my new skin is exposed, its just like baby skin and more sensitive to the sun.

Where to go: As I am a licenced cosmetologist, I am comfortable with performing this service on myself, I just wanted to share my ways of how I do it personally. I would recommend having a licenced aesthethician perform this service on you.

Most spas where you get your facials will offer Dermaplaning as as add on or may provide it as a service alone. I go to Omage Medi-Spa in Albertson about 4 times a year for my routine facials. While I maintain and dermaplane myself once a month, I always ask my aesthethician Pam to add it in. All the employees are so warm and welcoming, and they take such good care of you while your there! If you visit them, let them know I sent you!

Omage Medi-Spa

936 Willis Avenue

Albertson, NY 11507

(516) 791-3150

Thanks for reading!

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