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how to prep for your makeup appointment

A flawless makeup application is just as good as the skin underneath the makeup.

It is crucial that you follow these steps to be confident your skin will look its best!

  • Hydrate! A dry and dehydrated body will reflect in the face first. Dryness and makeup do not mix well together so drink plenty of water!

  • Exfoliate, Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize your skin the weeks and days leading up to your appointment. If you need product recommendations on what would work best for you, contact me, I'd love to help! The morning of your makeup appointment, please be sure to cleanse your skin and apply moisturizer and chapstick- nothing else! Sheet Masks the night before are also a plus. My favorite at the moment is this one (click me). 

  • Using foreign products with fragrances may aggravate the skin and cause irritation so be sure to be aware of how your skin reacts with the products you are using. Even if your are oily, please use an oil free moisturizer.

  • Facials that include extractions should be done no less than 3-4 weeks before, as they are meant to bring out skin impurities. It’s necessary to give your face time to heal itself from the extractions.

  • Waxing, Threading or any type of facial hair removal should be done no less than 2 days before the event. These hair removal procedures may aggravate the skin and cause irritation. Also, left over wax may be left on the skin that we won't be able to see until makeup is applied. If there are a few stragglers, we can tweeze before makeup application.

  • Sunless spray tans are recommended to be done 2-3 days before event. This allows time for the skin to absorb the product and any residue that is left over will have time to be washed off in the shower.

  • Show up to your appointment with no makeup please! Not even mascara or a tinted moisturizer. Chap stick and a daily moisturizer is okay.

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